Site Planning & Design

The most important step in designing a small or large project is to listen carefully to the clients: how will they use the pool, parking area, terrace, garden, outdoor kitchen? What style do the owners like? Are the residential owners hands-on or do they prefer to leave the maintenance to others? What is the commercial owners’ budget? And how much do the clients want to spend, both in up-front costs and yearly expenses?

Site planning for a small garden, large property or commercial parcel (designing a large project is called “master planning” and is often spread over an extended period) is the necessary first step in understanding how to achieve what we want from our house or building. Meetings, telephone discussions, and sketches and preliminary plans are all necessary for the client and landscape architect to come to an understanding of how the final project will look.

Once this important preliminary work is completed, the designer then creates the construction plans which show all the elements of the proposed landscape, including siting the building, ensuring proper drainage and screening, car and pedestrian access -- all within the overriding considerations of beauty, harmony and respect for nature. Finally, oversight of the construction process, from the initial bids to the final checklist is essential for the project to be completed properly.

To insure a high quality landscape, CeCe Haydock maintains a close relationship with the client and the contractors, with frequent  job site visits.  As a sole practitioner, she is involved with each step of the design and construction process;  answering questions fully are important in maintaining full communication and solving the inevitable problems that arise on any job.